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Importance of Images in A Website

victory_81513_018_1376579752Images constitute a significant section of a website and therefore, its importance can hardly be ignored. They cannot be placed in a website haphazardly, as it can have detrimental impacts on a website’s overall appearance. If images can be placed judiciously with proper words and phrases, they can make a long lasting impression on the minds of the visitors. Images can make a website look lively, vivid and can offer a much needed breather for the visitors. However, they need to be placed meticulously, otherwise the entire effort might botch up miserably. Here are some of the tips that can help you to use and place images properly in a webpage:

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Make Them Convey Your Thoughts: – An awesome image and an average text are not the right combination. Make sure that the images and the corresponding texts are conveying the same message otherwise; it can lead to unwanted confusion. For example, if you have written something on health care products, you should not use the image of a Laptop. Images and the corresponding text need to be closely related.

Use of Copyright Free Images: – Images that are likely to be uploaded in a website have to be copyright free images. This has to be ensured at any cost if you want to avert any unnecessary legal complications later on. There are hundred websites from where you can buy images for a reasonable price. This is common mistakes usually committed by a large number of website design companies and sometimes, they get in trouble for this.

5hr778222Use High Quality Images: – Use of low quality images can cost you dearly as far as your business growth is concerned. Visitors are always looking for quality service and if they bump on to your website, which is loaded with poor quality images, they will bounce back immediately. Therefore, you should not compromise with the quality of the images if you want to make your presence felt in the virtual industry.

Image Size: – It is good to avoid large images because they make a website heavy. Try to use small images along with good punch lines if you want to increase speed of your website. This will certainly have positive impacts on your website’s web presence.

Try Different Alignments: – You can try different alignments while positioning images in your website because this will certainly add a much-needed variety. However, without having professional exposure, you would find it extremely difficult. In that case, you should opt for professional assistance.

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The Mr. Checkout In-Store Marketing Blitz Photo Gallery

shell_charles_page_1348106886When you do an in-store Blitz with Mr. Checkout, you will receive a picture of your product at or near the checkout or in the cooler for your use on your website.  These in-store pics are valuable for the life of your product.

Corporate buyers and store owners tell us that seeing the new product in-store is imperative to their purchasing decision especially when the new product does not have IRI/Symphony data to support sales claims.

A new product showing 100 to 5,000 in-store pics with happy store clerks behind the product go along way to breaking the ice for product category buyers.

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