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Imperial/Harrison Super Regional Food Distributor

As the name suggest Imperial/Harrison;Super Regional Food Distributor is a distribution company that focuses on every category that your average distributor competes in. founded by a Greek immigrant, C.H Pelias, followed a path that like many other distributing companies found its path directed towards that of the American dream.

Founded in 1916 and starting off as a wholesale grocer for independent retail grocers in New Orleans, they built their way to 15 strategic acquisitions. Now, the company is the 1st super regional distributor and approaching 1 billion in sales.

While being run by the 3rd generation of the same family, Imperial/Harrison services 3,000 retails in 9 states. Based out of Grand Rapids, MI, and with their major warehouse only 15 minutes from the New Orleans airport, they have the capability to handle the influx and output of product in a sufficient manner.

This warehouse location is smaller in comparison to others with only 150,000 square feet of space, they still remain the 10th largest employer in their regional area. To make up for what they lack in size, their warehouse is fully equipped with machinated processes to help provide a superior quality of distribution to their customers.

Impressively, this company provides excellent programs in both the customer service sectors and foodservice distribution. Following is more detailed information on both of those sectors.


Imperial University

Utilizing the knowledge developed from their lengthy time in the distribution industry, Imperial/Harrison provide you an unparalleled experience on how to do a variety of things. Their merchandising professionals will assist you in establishing store design, shelving, equipment, product selection and placement. As well, their foodservice professional provide an established knowledge of comprehensive menu offerings, including training, marketing and execution. Also, if you are provided with new products, they have a great sales training program to be able to learn how to market what you are receiving.

Wittingly entitled “Imperial University” they have a plethora of seminars that cost $100 a head where you can go to learn more about the distributing industry. Focusing on topics ranging from marketability to profit opportunities, these classes can give provide the local store owners with what they need to create an effective model that will thrive in today’s market.



Of course, like any other distributor this company provides an extensive amount of foodservice products. They provide approximately 8,000 convenience store products, which is less than some other distributors, to the regions with which encompass their distributing capacity.

As well, they have designed a specialty program entitled the “Wam” program. Through this package, they help to negotiate, manage and track retail accruals from more than 50 different manufacturers. These accruals are only available to those who are customers of Imperial Trading. The main mission of this program is the reduction of hassles that come with managing multiple programs and the difficulties of running your own store-front.

All in all, Imperial/Harrison provides an excellent customer service program; an example of this is “Imperial University,” which helps small business owners easily learn the ins and outs of their new industry. By installing these programs, it helps to increase the efficiency of both the customer and their relationship with Imperial/Harrison. Combine this with the actually product they offer, Imperial/Harrison is a good choice for those who live in the Southern United States.


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