Convenience Store Distributors

How to Sell Wholesale to Convenience Stores

If you are either an established business with a product you would like to see lining the shelves of c-stores across America, you first have to figure out how to establish the network with which to do this. Fortunately there is a variety of means with which you can do this.

It is a daunting task for either a c-store owner to seek out a wholesaler or vice versa. Like any other business that has a difficulties, companies have arisen to provide a service that makes a difficult task much either. Whether through major distributors or DSD shipping, you have an easy alternative to marketing whatever product you are looking to get out onto the market.

If you take the time to do your research and figure out what works best for you, that will create the optimal business partnerships you would desire to be successful at getting your product selling wholesale on the modern market. Of course, you have to first consider if you have the capability to supply the demand that could quickly flow in through the sales of your product on such a mass level.

These are just a few of the outlets you can choose to look into with which you can utilize to sell your product;

Direct Selling

Direct selling is driven by the fact that you sell products directly to the consumers. Methods typically include catalogues, home parties, door-to-door selling, telephone sales and retail craft shows.

Indirect Selling

This occurs when you are selling to a distributor or an agent. They act as the salesmen for your product while you provide the DSD shipping they require to reduce the costs of performing their services. Indirect sales most commonly happens with major store-fronts that require such a mass representation of goods.


These are two terms used to describe the same subject. The distributor or wholesaler buys the product from the producers who would normally sell the product to the end source. Rather, they build packages of these goods that they purchase from their manufacturers in order to provide an ease of service that allows their industry to thrive.


A Broker or Agent acts as an independent salesman on behalf of the differing distributors and service providers. They have access to many packages from many different companies. This source allows the broker or agent to find a business plan that caters specifically to what best suits your company.