How to Motivate Distributors to Carry Your Product

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How Do I Motivate Distributors to Carry My Product?

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It isn’t easy to get your foot in the door in the business world, and when it comes to getting a distributor to carry your products, you often have to offer incentives to encourage them to free up some shelf space. After all, there are many hot new products created every day, and distributors are frequently approached by entrepreneurs and manufacturers offering business proposals. In order to get a distributor to pay you the time of day, it’s important to offer incentives. You need your product to stand out, so create a presentation they can’t refuse. Here are three incentives you can use to grab a distributor’s attention and get your product on the shelves and in the consumer’s hands:

Gas Cards:

Gas cards are a great way to motivate a distributor to carry your product. In exchange for the distribution and shipment of your product, you can offer a gas card, or a set allowance you’re willing to contribute to the gas spent on delivering your products.
This is a great incentive that will help motivate distributors to carry your product, and it’s also a great way to manage and keep track of the gas used by shipping vehicles, as we all know gas is a large expense for distributors.

Buy 3 Get 1 Free:

Everyone loves a good sale. They motivate us to buy. If you want a distributor to carry your product instead of another product, you may have to offer an incentive that will save them money. Tell the distributor, “Well, for a limited time only, if you buy three, you can get one free.” They will take the product margins and this promotion into consideration, and most likely sign a contract.

Discount on Opening Orders:

When you provide a discount on your opening orders, you create general goodwill, build rapport and show a distributor you genuinely want to work with them. This is a great technique for securing a spot on their shelves and encouraging distributors to carry your product. If they see a high sell-through rate after this initial discount, they will be motivated to continue ordering your product.

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