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How to Get Your Product into Bed Bath & Beyond


Bed Bath and Beyond is known as one of the most successful home good stores in the entire country. Because of its reputation, it’s safe to assume many suppliers are eagerly trying to get their products onto Bed Bath and Beyond shelves. Stand out from the crowd and see your product on store shelves by following these tips:

Offer something special.

Bed Bath and Beyond buyers may be hesitant to take on a new product which has not been on the market long enough to prove success. If this is the case for your product, it’s important that you sweeten the deal so it seems less risky for Bed Bath and Beyond buyers. For the first order, offer something special such as free shipping or even a display where the product can be featured, so the Bed Bath and Beyond team does not have to spend time making room on the shelves. If you are starting off in a limited number of stores, tell the buyer you and your team will visit the stores to educate the staff on how to use and sell your product. The more you can offer upfront, the better your chances are.

Unique products.

Bed Bath and Beyond is unlike a lot of other retailers out there today. This store sells everything from yoga mats and fitness DVDs to bath towels and digital measuring cups. The Bed Bath and Beyond customer is unique—so your product needs to be unique, too. When you pitch to Bed Bath and Beyond, you need to emphasize what problem your product solves that maybe the customer did not even know he or she had. Customers probably didn’t know they needed an iPad stand for their bathrooms, complete with a toilet paper roll, that is, until Bed Bath and Beyond sold it to them. You must be as unique as the other items in this store to make an impression on the buyers.

Trade shows.

Because Bed Bath and Beyond has so many different types of products, the buyers visit a variety of trade shows to discover the next big thing. Research trade shows in your industry, and attend them to network with buyers. The most important part of a trade show occurs after the event is over: the follow-up. Make sure you are collecting business cards and following up with everyone you meet to build a strong relationship and make your way onto store shelves.

Work with a distributor

Work with the distributors at Mr. Checkout Distributors who have already built a relationship with Bed Bath and Beyond buyers, so they don’t have to jump through hoops to get in the store. Mr. Checkout Distributors is constantly on the lookout for new, exciting products that have strong margins and are ready for retail. Once approved by the team at Mr. Checkout Distributors, the product is sent directly to wagon jobbers and direct store distributors who will quickly bring your product to market. When you work with these professional distributors, you don’t have to waste time and resources on pitching to Bed Bath and Beyond.

Want to launch your new product in Bed Bath & Beyond? Contact Mr. Checkout Distributors to talk to a team of experienced and knowledgeable distributors that service over 35,000 stores across the country.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!