Truck Stops

How to Distribute My Product to Truck Stops

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How do I Distribute My Product to Truck Stops

Truck stops are an oasis for the truck drivers logging long hours on the open road. They offer a place to rest and fuel up, to clean up, grab something to eat and stock up on snacks for the long drive ahead.

The constant stream of consumers, the steady need for products and their prime locations mean truck stops are the perfect place for an entrepreneur or manufacturer to sell their products. Instead of wondering “how to distribute my product to truck stops,” read this guide and take advantage of this prime distribution outlet so that your product can reach a receptive audience.

Here are some ways you can distribute your new product to truck stops:

1) The first way to distribute your product to truck stops is to sell your product directly to the retailer, or the truck stop chain. This option works if you have the knowledge, shipping capability and structure in place to do so. You’ll have to identify who is the broker or representative for the truck stop and then make the sales call. Pitch your product and explain why it’s the best fit for this truck stop. Make sure you’re diligent and follow up. It’s often difficult to get busy retailers to pay attention to a small or newer product, which is why it’s smart to employ a broker, distributor or wholesaler in your distribution strategy.

2) Another way to distribute your product to truck stops is to secure a contract with a distributor. It takes a bit of research to find the right distributor, but when you do, you will benefit from the relationship immensely. Do you know the target market? Who will be stopping at truck stops? Truckers, of course! A distributor will only carry and distribute your product if it’s appropriate for the target market and will bring in revenue.

It’s important to know what distributors are looking for: they want a partner that knows their product and is familiar with the target market. Distributors are most concerned with a product’s profitability, the cost of stocking and fulfilling your product and whether your product is scalable. Know the answers to these questions before approaching a distributor. When you present to distributors, wow them with your deck.

3) Lastly, the easiest way you can stop wondering “how to distribute my product to truck stops” is join an independent distributor network like Mr. Checkout. This service is comprised of over 1,000 competent, knowledgeable distributors that know the lay of the land. You’ll instantly have access to this vast distribution network. You can work with distributors who will know which truck stops will be the best fit for your product, as they are familiar with the industry and your product’s competitors.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!