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How Do I Get My Novelty Item in Stores?

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You have a novelty item, how do you distribute it?

As long as people have expendable income, they will buy novelty items. They entertain us. They keep our children occupied and happy. Novelty items are unique in that they represent a market that is niched, yet broad; they are sold in retail novelty stores, in c-stores, in drug stores, at the mall and in supermarkets. Though there may be various distribution channels for novelty items, we still need to develop a rock-solid marketing plan and distribution strategy to get them on shelves and in the consumers’ hands. With the advice provided below, you can stop asking, “How do I get my novelty item in stores?”

Get Traction Online: One way you can get your novelty item in stores is to start with an online website. Simultaneously grab the consumer’s and larger stores’ attention. Once your novelty item gains momentum in the virtual sphere, you’ll have the numbers to back up a pitch to a retail chain. You can also take advantage of another website’s success. Sell your novelty item on another website designed for novelty items, such as fancy.com or thinkgeek.com.

Attract Eyes:
Would you have bought silly string as a kid if it came in a plain brown tube? You might not have known how “silly” it was. Your novelty item’s packaging is the thing that will draw eyes toward it. Design an attractive, interesting packaging and implement a compelling digital media marketing program along with it. This will help to raise awareness about your product and make a retail chain more willing to put your novelty item on its shelves.

Know your Numbers:
When the time comes to approach a retailer, it’s vital to know your numbers. Retailers and distributors only want to work with a product that will make them money, so demonstrate that your novelty item will do just that. In reality, a cost-per-unit breakdown includes shipping, packaging, UPC costs and other expenses related to getting the product created and onto the shelves.

Find a Potential Retailer:
Approach retailers that carry novelty items armed with your thoroughly researched presentation.


Hopefully you no longer have to ask, “How do I get my novelty item in stores.” Let us know how this advice works for you in the comments below!

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!