Holm-Made Cookies

It’s better when it’s Holm Made…

At Holm Made Cookies, we pride ourselves in providing you confections with the best, freshest, and most natural ingredients possible. We add no preservatives or artificial sweeteners, flavors, or coloring to any of our products; the dairy we use is all hormone-free. Everything is still made by hand, so your sweets taste like they come right from the kitchen, not from the factory.

Our Meringue Cookies are lighter and fluffier than others you will find on the market, are the cornerstone of our business, along with Whoopie Pies that are like none other on the shelves today. With more flavor varieties than you’ll find elsewhere – and more being trialed regularly – we strive to give you the best variety to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Our Whoopie Pies are a sinfully rich sandwich cookie – much different than the others on the shelf! We have a deep, moist, rich chocolate cookie with a thick filling in the middle, in many flavors:

Vanilla Marshmallow Cream – the traditional
Peanut Butter – like a Reese’s
Mint – like a peppermint patty
Raspberry – chocolate cookie with a bright raspberry cream filling
Oatmeal Spice Cookie – with butter, molasses, oats, with a maple cream filling
Pumpkin whoopie pie with a cream cheese filling
So come on in, try us out… and only settle for Holm Made!


From an early age, Loni Holm exhibited a talent in the kitchen and always loved to bake for family gatherings. Eventually, the baking expanded to friends’ occasions, and ultimately, she’d get hired to bake for others’ parties and events, from the simplest cookies to cakes and complex dessert spreads.

In the ‘90s, when everyone started to become more health conscious, Loni started experimenting with treats that were satisfying yet healthier than the standard variety, and she expanded her horizons to include some more “heart-healthy” options in her baking. Thus began her interest in meringue cookies; though she wasn’t excited about the limited variety of meringues she could find at the store, she found some recipes and got to work to expand on them. The rest is history!

In 2006, Loni moved to North Carolina and decided she really wanted to focus on growing the business that had been her passion and a hobby for most of her adult life. Though she still bakes a wide range of desserts and treats, she focuses on the development of new and exciting Cookies for her family and business. She’s also currently in the process of getting “gluten-free” certification for her meringues and a for a few of the whoopie pie recipes, too! Also soon to come is Kosher certification.


Our meringues, the cornerstone of our business, are fluffier, bigger, and fresher than you’ll typically find on the shelves, because we still make every cookie by hand – not by industrial machine. The result: a light, airy confection that melts in your mouth, providing you with a treat that appeases your sweet tooth while still fitting into a healthy lifestyle.

We offer a variety of delicious flavors, all with natural extracts and flavorings. The eggs we use are hormone-free, from cage-free chickens; also, we do not use any ingredients with hydrogenated fats, in an effort to provide you with the healthiest treat possible. Coming in Summer 2013: Gluten-free and Kosher certification!

Our current flavors are listed below. Check back regularly; we’re constantly testing new flavors, and will continue to expand our variety as we grow!

Also, we will gladly deliver local orders (within 25 miles of Charlotte, NC 27540) of $50 or more. Please call us at +919 357 2439 to set up your order and required delivery date!

For those who like the classics, but don’t want something that’s “plain vanilla”! Light and airy vanilla mixed with a hint of rich, dark chocolate chips and drizzled with dark chocolate on top, our vanilla meringues are a great punctuation when you just need that sweet fix. Nutrition Information

Another classic that’s light on the diet, yet heavy on taste with triple shot of chocolate – cocoa, dark chocolate chips, and dark chocolate drizzled on top. Nutrition Information

Vanilla/Chocolate mix
When you can’t make a choice between your two basic favorites, choose both! (sold in 12-piece only)

Black Raspberry & Chocolate
Take two flavors that are perfectly delightful on their own, put them together, and BANG — a mouthful of heaven! The fruity lusciousness of black raspberries mixed with the satisfaction of chocolate creates a completely different and more than satisfying result! Nutrition Information

Chocolate Hazelnut
You know that mouth-watering aroma of chocolate and hazelnuts that pervade the senses when some gourmet coffee is roasting? Forget the coffee – put it in a delectable mouthful on its own! Chocolate and toasted hazelnuts in one bite – perfectly satisfying. Nutrition Information

As this meringue gently dissolves while you chew (with a mild crunchiness added from ground up toasted almonds), it piques your palate with the mild yet addictive flavor. Who needs a drink when you can have this healthier alternative? Nutrition Information

White Chocolate Macadamia
Here’s a different twist, with some tropical undertones. White chocolate goodness paired with macadamia. What a scentsation! Nutrition Information

If you have a special event and would like us to create a custom order for you or if you have a suggestion for a new flavor, call us at +919 357 2439 or send us an e-mail at [email protected]!

Whoopie Pies

We started making Whoopie Pies (that’s right, that’s what they’re called!) to take on the New England tradition… and make it even better!

Our Whoopie Pies are a sinfully rich sandwich cookie – much different than the others on the shelf. Most whoopie pies you will see have a chocolate cake-type layer on the outside; ours are a deep, moist, rich chocolate cookie with a thick filling in the middle, in many flavors.

The result of our efforts: Our business sells just as much in whoopie pies as it does the meringues… because everyone should have a little whoopie in their day! :-)

Coming in Summer 2013: Gluten-free options for Vanilla and Peanut Butter!

Here are the current flavors we have available:

Vanilla Marshmallow Cream – the traditional. Great cookies; great filling!
Nutrition Information

Peanut Butter – like a blown up, rich and chewy Reese’s peanut butter cup.
Nutrition Information

Mint – Think about it: Those awesome chocolate cookies sandwiched around creamy mint goodness. Much better than a Peppermint Patty, in our opinion!
Nutrition Information

Raspberry – There’s something magical about the combination of chocolate and raspberry… so we created it to make a heavenly Whoopie Pie treat!
Nutrition Information

Oatmeal Spice Cookie – Here’s a completely different take, with oatmeal spice cookies on the outside and butter, molasses, and oats in a maple cream filling.
Nutrition Information

Pumpkin – For those who just can’t get enough of the taste of pumpkin, try this delicacy of pumpkin cookies with a cream cheese filling.
Nutrition Information

GLUTEN-FREE  Whoopie Pie in Vanilla Marshmallow, Peanut Butter,  and Pumpkin.


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Charlotte, NC 28217

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