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Harold Levingston Associates Inc.(HLA) is a company that has a vision of living the classic American dream. After starting out of the trunk of a car in 1977, HLA has grown to considerably larger proportions. HLA is now a contender in a market full of huge international distribution companies.

Harold Levingson Associates INC. has grown to purchase its own huge distribution site in Farmingdale, NY. The warehouse being larger than most, 600,00 square feet, the facility can handle an immense amount of stock. With this new size, It takes 420 employees in order to keep HLA running in efficient order. All of this sits on a property that in size alone is 22-acres.

The warehouse itself is a state-of-the-art distribution facility like no other, it is fitted with over 6 miles of continuous conveyors and they latest mechanized rack systems. Not only does this make HLA completely prepared to handle the mass of products for this business but it allows them to approach it in a manner unparalleled by other distributors. One could say this gives them their competitive edge.

With over 100 trucks in their fleet, HLA is able to keep up to a standard of on time delivery. They make approximately 3,000 deliveries every day and a third of those delivers reach their destination in the same day. This is an incredible quality that the majority of distributors cannot promise. This helps to exemplify their commitment to customer service by supplying their product with superior timing in comparison to other companies in the same market.

HLA had their quality distribution facilities located in Farmingdale, NY, Albany, NY, Auburn, MA and Waterbury, CT, and Ewing, NJ. This allows HLA to be able to reach the entire Northeastern American market. Unfortunately, not as large as the other national distributors, HLA provides a specified customer service experience in its region and provides it at a considerably fast speed.

In fact, they even operate an on-site convenience store with which their clients can see practical examples of the products they distribute.


Foodservice Program

Following industry trends, Harold Levingston Associates Inc. provides an extensive foodservice program. Since foodservice is projected to drive the industry over the next five years, HLA offers a wide range of frozen, refrigerated and impulse foods. This service will assist in getting as many consumers as possible to become a repeat customer at your store front.

Specifically they offer products in vendor categories of; confection, general grocery, frozen foods, cigarettes, snacks , beverages, energy and nutrition as well as cigars.


Island Coffee

As an accompaniment to their foodservices programs, HLA attempts to promote their custom brand of fully serviced Island Coffee. Much as the foodservice program, they see this as a market trend and encourage the establishment of coffee sales in any storefront location.

Overall, Harold Levingston Associate Inc. is a smaller company in comparison to the others, but the tradeoff for this is superior shipping speeds and thus a fresher product. If you are in within their regional distribution boundaries, the state-of-the-art storage facility for HLA products creates a timely experience that most other distributors will not be able to provide.


For general inquiries
Harold Levinson Associates, Inc.
21 Banfi Plaza
Farmingdale, NY 11735