H.T. Hackney Co. has been in the market of distributing since 1891. Originally beginning as an honest company that focused on distribution Tennessee, Hackney Co. has developed to cover over 20 states. The core focus of their service being its superior customer service and competitively priced merchandise, they help to supply stores all over the mid-eastern United States.

Hackney Company utilizes programs that are created around offering customers their ability to obtain their entire shopping needs from one reliable source. With this, an honorable amount of dedication is given to fit their clients’ needs on the basis that these stores are not only a representation of their integrity as a business, but also a key part of the communities in which they are located.

Through great programs and a time-proven record of success Hackney Co. manages to provide to over 30,000 grocers, convenience stores and foodservice location over 22 states. Most importantly they are able to provide these locations with over 25,000 products. The key to the management of the successful distribution of such a wide range of product is from their 30 grocery distribution centers.

H.T. Hackney Co. also owns a variety of subsidiaries to help assist on such a large scale distribution model while still maintaining a high level of customer service. The other companies include; Hackney Petroleum, a chain of convenience stores in Tennessee and North Caroline, Hackney Home Furnishings, In and H Home, Uncle Rays Potato Chips, Natural Springs Water Group, Great American Deli and TN and Neuro Fuel.

By having such a wide variety of subsidiaries, Hackney Co. is able to cater to the vast needs of the foodservice industry through a wide range of outlets. However, if there were one policy that Hackney Co. would want to be known by, it is a policy of “honorable dealing”. They insist on maintaining a relationship of integrity and reliability.


Through the ownership of many subsidiaries that provide a steady income of products, the main service provided by Hackney Co. is their foodservice. This covers a range of categories but is geared towards being as convenient as possible for the client while providing a satisfactory customer experience. They focus on the distribution of servable products such as foods and hot beverages. Some of their brands are listed as follows; Chappy’s Chicken, Coffee Beanery, Crossroads Café, Grab N Go Program, Great American Deli, Pirelle’s Pizza and Rollin Hot Snacks Roller Grill Program.

In Summary, Hackney Co. is a distributor that is focused upon the providing of products that are ready to eat when served to the consumer. If you are in the range of the 22 states they provide too, they could be a viable option in comparison to some of the nationwide distributors. However, that local support could also lead to a lesser selection of products due to their focus on the ready to eat products.


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