Grab-N-Go Cups

Do you want convenience? Are you looking for healthier snack options? Or perhaps you have a sweet tooth to satisfy? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then the Northern Lights Candy & Snacks’ Grab-N-Go Cup is the product for you. Not only can you now satisfy any craving you may have, but it comes in a cup that fits neatly in any cup holder. No longer do you need to wonder where to put your gummi bears to keep them close by, nor do you need to chase them around the car when that plastic bag tears. Grab-N-Go cups are tamper-proof and re-closeable for the times you don’t want the whole container at once.


We offer dried vegetable chips that have no saturated fats or trans fats, contain many nutritious vitamins and minerals, and are gluten-free. You can also choose from a variety of dried fruits such as mango slices, kiwi, papaya, banana chips, and pineapple. If you are looking for something sweet, try the world’s best gummi bears, worms, sour worms, also gluten-free. Or perhaps you need an extra kick from the dark chocolate covered coffee beans. For a gourmet treat, the mini sea salt caramels are hard to beat.


Grab your favorite snack today and go!




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