Go-Vuu™ the Amazing Swivel GPS Steering Wheel Companion

Why Go-Vuu™

Unfortunately, multi-tasking for drivers is here to stay, there is a better way!

I don’t have to hold my GPS in my hand any longer!

Keep your GPS directly in front of you, keep your hands on the wheel!

Finally, a cell phone holder that won’t break or fall off the window or vent, always know where your phone is, you can’t miss it!

In many cases its possible to eliminate wearing reading glasses while viewing a GPS while driving.

The rotation of your steering wheel does not affect the view of your GPS as it always maintains a vertical position.

OTHER FEATURESThe GO-VUU™ device is TRULY Universal

Many GO-VUU™ owners prefer their phone speaker opposed to Bluetooth, it sounds better being close by.
Your phone can quickly and easily be attached or removed from GO-VUU™.
GO-VUU™ does not interfere with the view of your cars instrument panel.
GO-VUU™ is not limited to only the steering wheel and can be placed on the dashboard or anywhere in your car.


The GO-VUU™ is ideal for golf carts as your cell phone stays firmly mounted on the GO-VUU™.
The GO-VUU™ is ideal for placing it on your wall at home, you will never misplace your phone.


Cell phone GPS apps are becoming more popular than factory installed due to changing updated technology offered only for apps. Factory installed GPS’s are expensive and limited to the car you are driving and cannot be swapped out to use in other cars.

Become A Distributor

Everyone would want a Go-Vuu™ if they knew about it! By becoming a distributor you have the opportunity to save a lot of accidents and at the same time earn a lot of money, what more could you ask for?


Patent pending

Universal GPS/phone mount

GO-VUU™ is a recently patent pending device and is now available for re-sellers.

Suggested Retail (MSR): $19.95 ea.

Distributor Pricing:

3 or more- $12.00 ea.
10 or more – $10.00 ea.
50 or more $9.00 ea.
100 or more $8.50 ea.
500 or more $7.45 ea.
1,000 or more $6.75 ea.

There is NO FEE TO BE A RESELLER only the initial purchase of (GO-VUU™ devices) @ wholesale price.

For Wholesale Distribution  Opportunities Contact:

Larry Goldstein
Go-Vuu LLC
Phone: 404-600-5097 EST
Website http://www.go-vuu.com
Email [email protected]