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How to Get the Best Prospects to Give You More Money

How to Get the Best Prospects to Give You More Money

How to Get the Best Prospects to Give You More Money
By TJ Rohleder

This one secret alone can move you into the top position in your marketplace, and change the way you’ve always thought about your business.

Here’s the secret: You must position yourself as your marketplace’s #1 expert. Given the choice, people prefer to give their money to an expert, so why not become one? That should be reason enough, but here are some other reasons you should never hesitate to blow your own horn. First of all, nobody’s going to do it for you — unless you pay them to do so. This means that you have to sell yourself before you sell your product or service. And in order to sell yourself, you must position yourself as an expert.

Second, the average consumer has more choices today than ever before. They’re confused and frustrated by the endless decisions they’re faced with. On every side, businesses are yelling at them to try their products and services, so naturally, when faced with a new buying decision, they’ll look for the best-qualified, most knowledgeable experts they can find — and they’re likely to give their business to those people first. That’s why you have to be one of those experts.

Many of your prospects are fearful, skeptical, and cynical. They’re afraid of making the wrong decision, of losing their money. The thing that most people want the most is certainty — the feeling that everything’s going to be okay, that they’ll get precisely what they were promised in exchange for their cash. When they perceive you as an expert, they’ll feel a higher degree of certainty and will give you their money faster.

This is an excellent way to separate yourself from your competitors. An expert has the authority that people are looking for, and most of us respond very well to authority figures. We’ve been trained to do so since birth. So declare yourself an expert.

When enough people are convinced that you are an expert, then other people who have little or nothing to gain financially will also declare you an expert. But it all starts with you.

In a bit, I’ll give you a few simple strategies you can use to immediately position yourself as the expert in your field; but first, I’m going to let you in on the #1 reason why more small business people don’t do this. Just as we’re conditioned from a very young age to listen to authority, we’re conditioned not to talk too highly of ourselves. We’re trained to never stick our necks out or pat ourselves on the back. Otherwise, people will call us vain, egotistical, braggarts, showoffs. It’s extremely painful for most people to even begin to declare themselves experts, because they feel phony in doing so.

However, the fact is that any time you know more about a particular topic than your prospects, then you are an expert. Keep that in mind, because the first step toward declaring yourself as an expert is to convince yourself that you are an expert. If you feel like you’re being fake or phony, then spend a significant amount of time studying not just your products and services, but your market in general. You’ll soon gain tremendous confidence on the subject.

The second step is to stick your neck out, overcoming the social conditioning that demands you do otherwise. Learn to do so for the sake of the business. People want to do business with experts, so give them what they want.

Your competitors, whether they’re consciously doing so or not, are making every effort to assure your shared prospects that they can deliver all the results and promises they claim for their products and services. You must do the same. A major part of selling is a transference of belief and emotion; in other words, the more convinced you are that you’re an expert and the more you express confidence in yourself, then the more confidence other people will have in you. They’ll be less hesitant about giving you their money.

It’s easier to do this than you might imagine, and it’s a lot of fun. My favorite method is to develop information products. If you Google “information marketing” on the Internet, you’ll find a wealth of information about this powerful form of selling. Developing information products is exciting, it’s creative, it’s challenging, it’s rewarding, and it’s extremely profitable. Information products can encompass a wide variety of print, audio, video, and Internet-based products and services.

Developing an information product is as easy as grabbing a dirt-cheap digital recorder or even an old-fashioned audiocassette recorder, jotting down a few notes about the main benefits and features of your product or service, and then speaking freely into the recorder. Do your very best job of explaining all the reasons why what you’re offering gives people much more value than the amount of money you’re asking for in exchange, and why you have all of the qualifications to help them — and why you and your company can help them better than anyone else trying to get their business. Just talk.

Those recordings can be given away to prospects as a way of generating leads, or they can be sold for a small amount to people who want and need the main benefits you can provide them. If your recordings lack power or you’re self-conscious about them, then simply have them transcribed, and give the printed transcripts to a writer who can edit them, smooth out the writing, and make them easier to read.

You can write, you can record, you can get in front of a video camera, or you can go in front of a live event. Whatever you do, teach your prospects why the items you offer are worth far more in terms of real-world benefits than the money you’re asking them to give you in exchange.

Your information products educate people on why you, your company, or your products and services are the best choice. They help establish you as the most credible authority. They help you build a relationship with your best prospects and customers. They can be icebreakers, letting people get to know you a little bit better — which is the first stage in getting people to like and trust you.

You can develop an almost endless variety of information products to use as part of your overall marketing process. If you’re a writer, start writing. If you’re a speaker, start speaking. Again, there are plenty of talented writers who can turn your transcripts into readable information products. Other specialists can take your audio recordings and edit out the bad areas so people only hear the parts where you’re speaking in the most authoritative, powerful way. That can be done with video, too. Finally, there’s also a tremendous energy to be found in live events. Partly this is because you’re taking the focus off of yourself and putting it onto your prospects.

The more of these information products you develop, the more of an expert you’ll become. And it’s easy — highly addicting, even. That’s why I’ve developed hundreds of different audio and video products, and why I’ve done hundreds of events of all kinds. It’s why I’ve published so many books and reports. It’s a creative way to make money, because when you’re 100% focused on giving your prospects the best information you possibly can, providing them with all the benefits that are most important to them, then you really are serving them in the highest possible way. You’re not just writing, recording, and filming yourself so that you can show off how great you are. It’s the exact opposite of being egotistical, because your focus is on helping others.

Educate your prospects and customers on all the reasons why they should be giving you more of their money on a regular basis, and solidify those relationships so they’ll continue to do so. If you do it right, they’ll come to you presold, ready to give you even more of their money right away, with the least amount of sales resistance. When you’re actively involved in information marketing, and you keep developing a wide range of products, services, and events designed to convince, persuade, and educate, then the very best buyers in your market will seek you out. This is the ultimate sales resistance breaker, even for new buyers.

You already know that the secret to getting rich in your business is to get more people to do more business with you, for more profit, more often, with greater efficiency. There’s no better strategy for that than information marketing. Get on the Internet and do your due diligence. Learn everything you can about this powerful form of salesmanship, start creating your first information products, and you’ll quickly move into the top position in your marketplace.

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