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When Greensmartliving was created in 2010, our founder, Adrian Chiaramonte was desperate. Not for green dollar bills, cars (although he does love a classic set of wheels), or business savvy ego, but a better way of enjoying a cigarette without all the harmful chemicals packed inside. Adrian quickly understood that through vaping, a bigger, better story could be told about our generation and the potential for greatness was already opening its door with the first puff. What he didn’t know was the product itself was just the bright green, glowing tip of the iceberg.

Four years later, after countless hours of design, dedication, and a few cold brews (our ideal way of “brainstorming”), Greensmartliving proudly introduces GEO. A new e-cigarette that fully represents our vision by tapping into environmental consciousness as well as working with other organizations to make our world a better place. The term GEO literally means, “Earth” and superbly emphasizes our dedication to it.