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Gent E-Cigarettes are the premier electronic cigarette made for the modern man, by the modern man. The mission of Gent is to provide smokers with an alternative to traditional smoking and to make e-cigarettes revolutionary. We believe that our strong customer focus and emphasis on high quality products make us an industry leader. Founded in 2013 in San Francisco, CA, Gent has developed a laser-like focus on creating the highest quality electronic cigarette for our clients. Focused specifically on the modern man, Gent wants to ensure that our lifestyle focus is paramount.

Gent E-Cigarettes are manufactured with the strictest quality standards and specifications to ensure product quality and reliability. Our focus is to ensure that our clients receive both a high quality product as well as a brand they can be proud to use.
Benefits of a Gent:

whosagenta�? No smoke or tobacco burning and smell
a�? Often can be used in many establishments (clubs, bars, etc)
a�? High quality alternative to traditional smoking
a�? Affordable and long lasting
a�? Stylish, sleek and cool

The Gent Experience. A Gent electronic cigarette is a revolutionary and sophisticated way to enjoy a�?Smokinga�? in a more intelligent way. Gent electronic cigarettes have no smoke, only vapor. No tobacco, just flavoring. A non-traditional cigarette, Gent still offers its clients the nicotine that they are looking for. Visit the Gent store for more detailed product information.

Gent E-Cigarettes. Gent is an electronic cigarette that has a strikingly similar look and feel to a traditional cigarette, yet they are nothing alike. Gent E-Cigarettes use an atomizer, battery, cartridge and LED light as opposed to actual tobacco and combustion. When inhaling, the e-cigarette will deliver vapor to the user which contains flavoring and nicotine, as light up the LED light on the tip of the e-cigarette. In order to use a Gent E-Cigarette, you simply inhale or puff on it like you would a traditional cigarette

redefineWhy Gent? Long lasting and more cost effective than traditional smoking, Gent believes in giving the power to its clients. We want our clients to be satisfied with the knowledge that they are enjoying a high quality electronic cigarette that will enable them to use their Gent E-Cigarette almost wherever and whenever.

Manufacturing & Quality. Gent prides itself on quality and client satisfaction. Because of this, we emphasize the importance of responsible sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, and customer service. Our goal is quality and making sure that Gent E-Cigarettes are reliable, dependable and cost effective. For more information or questions, please visit the Customer Service link at the bottom of our website or the Contact link at the top.

Redefine a�?Smokinga�?. At Gent, we want to lead a revolution of a�?smokersa�? and redefine smoking all together. We believe in our mission very strongly and we hope that you do as well. Please join us by registering with us at the link at the top of our site.


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