The Fusion Battery Boost

The Fusion Battery Boost is a patented silicone insert that can be installed in any smartphone. The insert naturally emits high levels of ionic activity, lending ions to the lithium ion battery. The ions occurring inside lithium ion batteries degrade over time leading to self discharge and poor battery performance. The Fusion Battery Boost restores the ionic flow, thus restoring battery life in between charges. In addition, it accelerates charging and decreases heat allowing the battery to last longer. The technology has been certified by the Georgia Tech Battery and Fuel Cell Lab.

Unique Offering: The cell phone battery market is a multi-billion dollar industry and growing in the US. Many convenient stores today offer car chargers and cables as part of their consumer offerings. We feel the Fusion Battery Boost would be a great addition to any convenient store because of it’s unique and needed technology as well as affordable $9.99 price point.

• Light Weight Design for Easy and Fast Shipping
• Single UPC
• High Margins for Distributor and Retailer
• Unique Patent – Pending Product
• Sales Support Network
• No Product Expiration Date
• Small Foot Print Display
• Theft Resistant

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Matthew Ryncarz
Fusion Technologies
5420 Hastings Terrace
Alpharetta, GA
Phone Number 850-566-4301
Email: [email protected]