funcbbevFunctional Beverages

The functional beverage market in the United States has developed beyond being a niche category of drinks meant for better health and well-being. New functional beverages (such as sports drinks, ready-to-drink tea, and designer water) have added a new dimension to the earlier definition, with an increased emphasis on convenience, novelty, fun, and image while maintaining their status as a “healthy drink.” Of these new categories, some are already established functional varieties undergoing transformation, some are based on discoveries of new ingredients, and some blur the line between categories. This wide variety has grown to appeal to almost all types of consumers that have now become extremely taste- and ingredient-conscious as well as more sophisticated about their overall food consumption.

Recommended Functional Beverage Suppliers:

Chillax – A sensational new and natural revitalising drink.

GNM Kenyan Coffee

Body Works Functional Shots

2T Water – Refreshing, Pure and Quality Taste

Kava Chill & Happy Hour by ThriveXtreme

Rhino Rush – 100% Pure and Natural Ephedra Extract

Hocus Focus – More than an Energy Shot

Soma Relax – Relaxation Beverage

VanaPain – Liquid Pain Relief

Distribute Playboy Energy Drinks

5-Hour Energy –  stay bright and alert!  

Matador Energy Shots

Big 7 Energy Shots – Smooth, Long & Strong!

Coconut Water