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Functional Beverages and Shots

A functional beverage is a drink product that is non-alcoholic and includes in its formulation ingredients such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids or additional raw fruit or vegetables. It often claims to provide specific health benefits. Examples include sports and performance drinks, energy drinks, ready to drink (RTD) teas, enhanced fruit drinks, soy beverages and enhanced water.

Functional beverages have become popular due to its appeal to consumers who are seeking specific health benefits in their foods and beverages with their ‘healthiness-on-the-go’ idea. Both convenience and health have been identified as important factors when consumers make decisions about purchasing foods and beverages. Functional drinks are promoted with benefits such as heart health, improved immunity and digestion, joint health, satiety, and energy-boosting

In broad strokes, health and wellness-related beverage products are seeing increased consumer penetration. Functional ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, namely energy drinks, sports drinks, and tea, have increased consumer penetration over the past few years. While the energy drinks and shots market may be a small component of the non-alcoholic beverage industry, it is perhaps the most dynamic market—growing 60% from 2008-2012 according to Packaged Facts estimates in the all-new research report Energy Drinks and Shots: U.S. Market Trends. In 2012, total U.S. sales for the energy drinks and shots market was worth more than $12.5 billion.

Retail distribution of functional beverages and shots continues to expand at a fervent pace—making these products accessible at nearly any retail outlet from major grocery outlets to dollar stores and smoothie shops to sporting goods stores. Packaged Facts estimates that convenience stores hold the largest share of market sales (59%), followed by mass merchandisers (13%), supermarkets (10%), club stores/warehouse (5%), and drug stores (2%). In aggregate, all other retailers contribute a significant 11% to market sales.

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