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James Desiderio Inc.- Produce Wholesaler: Full-Line Grocery Wholesalers

James Desiderio Wholesale Fruit and Produce – Provider to supermarkets and foodservice establishments. Company history, manufacturing and distribution facility information, products, and contact directory. http://www.jamesdesiderio.com

James Desiderio Inc, is a full line service wholesaler, in business for over 52 years.

Chain supermarkets, independents, and foodservice are our specialty and we have trained professionals designated to put together a program that will work for you.

Distribution Facilities:

All of our delivery equipment is temperature controlled, owned and maintained by the company. Our fleet consists of trucks ranging from Step Vans and Class B trucks to Tractor Trailers.

We are in constant contact with our trucks via 900MHZ radio’s, this makes it easy for us to contact them if any specific needs arise during delivery. With equipment like this we can assure you that you will receive your product at its proper temperature, when you need it no matter if you’re a large chain supermaket, restaurant or a small corner store.

At Desiderio’s, we consider it a challenge, and privilege to package produce. Our capabilities include a complete tomato packing line along with state of the art tomato ripening rooms. Recently we have added the capability of ripening bananas so we can provide the exact color and high quality our customers expect from Desiderio’s.

We utilize the best packing equipment designed for the specific product. The SORMA which is capable of packaging vegetables and our newest piece of packing equipment, the VOLM 10,000 which is capable of packaging fruits.

James Desiderio Inc. Wholesale Fruit and Produce
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