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International Fresh-Cut Produce Association
Founded in 1987, the former International Fresh-Cut Produce Association (IFPA) served approximately 500 company members, including processors, distributors, retail and food service buyers of fresh-cut produce, as well as companies that supply goods and services to the fresh-cut industry. IFPA members ranged from well-known industry giants with nationwide distribution to vital, regional processors of fresh-cut salads, fruits and vegetables, and included commercial producers, suppliers and distributors of fresh-cut produce as well as affiliated companies such as equipment and packaging manufacturers.
Representing leaders in the fresh-cut produce industry worldwide who specialized in today’s fastest-growing fresh food category, IFPA provided members with competitive advantages through networking, advocacy, guidelines, forums and expertise focused exclusively on the fresh-cut produce industry.

The International Fresh-cut Produce Association’s (IFPA) mission is to advancethe industry by supporting its members with technical information, representation and knowledge to provide convenient, safe and wholesome food. Our membership is comprised of fresh-cut produce processors, produce grower/shippers, food service companies, retailers and those who provide goods and services to the fresh-cut produce industry. The fresh-cut produce industry has flourished because consumers can clearly differentiate and actively choose “fresh” produce items unaltered from their fresh state that are flavorful, nutritious and convenient. The IFPA believes that the term ‘fresh” in product labeling must be reserved only for produce that is in a “fresh state”, that is still alive and respiring, and we oppose attempts to -confuse consumers over these matters. The IFPA supports the present definition regarding use of the term “fresh” and believes that the appropriateness of the word “fresh” in describing products treated with new technologies can be determined via guidance documents or letters to the industry from FDA.

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