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F&S Produce – Supplier of fresh produce serving the northeast US region with a fleet of refrigerated delivery trucks. Company profile and contact details, facility tour, and product information. http://freshcutproduce.com

We’re the Fresh-Cut Independent Who Refuses to Be Swallowed up by the ‘Big Operators.’

There are larger brands owned by agribusiness giants. But the exceptional quality, value and service F&S delivers its Retail Store, Food Service, and Industrial Foods customers is hard to match … impossible to surpass. Because our company has no board of directors or cumbersome management structure, it reacts quickly to changing market conditions and opportunities. And as the introduction to our Staff will make clear, the people – in our quality labs, in our account service department, on our employee training, production, and sanitation teams, and in our transportation division – are thoroughly grounded in our common industry. Our fresh-cut fruit, vegetable, brined, and organic products are a cut above those of larger, mechanized operations.

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F&S Produce Co., Inc believes that fresh is always best, and in order to achieve this we pride ourselves in managing an amazingly tight supply chain. Although we have tremendous processing capacity (122,000 square feet) we do not have a lot of cold storage space, and this is on purpose. We bring in raw products as close to the processing date as possible, and process all items to order – keeping nothing in inventory.

Our tight supply chain is further enhanced by our owned and operated Pipco Transportation company. With above industry average delivery execution and competitive freight rates, F&S Produce is certain to exceed your expectations a crossed the board from product quality, freshness, and on time delivery.

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F&S Produce Company, Inc.
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