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Certified Grocers: Full-Line Grocery Wholesalers

Certified Grocers – Retailer-owned grocery distributor in the Western United States. Formed as a result of the merger of Certified Grocers of California, Ltd. and United Grocers, Inc. Visit: http://www.uwgrocers.com

Certified Grocers Midwest, Inc. – History

Certified Grocers Midwest Inc. was founded as a cooperative in 1940 by six founding members with fifty member stores. This group of retailers formed the co-op so that they could buy groceries at the lowest possible price and to permit them to more effectively compete with the “Chain Stores”.

Certified Grocers Midwest has assets which include warehousing space in excess of twenty-five acres, and a fleet of tractors and trailers. Certified’s Distribution Center in Hodgkins, Illinois has one million square feet under one roof, which encompasses the Grocery, Delicatessen, Produce and Fresh Meat Divisions.

The Frozen Food Division has a 92,000 square foot conventional warehouse of which 20,000 square feet is dedicated to Ice Cream and Bakery Frozen items which are kept at 20 below zero.

Warehouse Volume, Variety and Service:

Highest Total Warehouse (Wholesale) Volume of any Chicagoland Distribution Center

Extensive Complement of Departments
A full line of Grocery, Frozen Food, Ice Cream and Dairy, including Private Label
The most complete selection and highest quality of Produce in the Market
A complete Bakery Program, including a wide selection of variety breads, sweet goods, in-store bakery products of all types and Private Label
Health & Beauty care and General Merchandise, including seasonal and continuity programs

Advertising and Promotional Support
Weekly features with aggressive pricing available in all divisions
Prompt, full allowance pass-thru on all deals
Roto advertising published 15-20 times per year
Weekly Advertising Programs
Assistance in writing weekly Meat, Fresh Deli and Produce Ads
Full Catalina Checkout Coupon Program availability, including Supermarkets Online
Buying show with full vendor participation

Other Retail Services
Field support in Produce, Fresh Meat and Bakery
Wide Range of Host Support services from Weekly Price Changes to Electronic Invoices
Assistance in Store Equipment purchasing and Retail Counseling

Product Cost and Return to Members
Wholesale pricing structure competitive with all others in Market

Continued strong annual return to Members in All Divisions as high as 10%

Certified Grocers Midwest, Inc.
1 Certified Drive
Hodgkins, IL 60525-4894
Phone: (708) 579-2100
Fax: (708) 354-7502
Email: [email protected]