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Recommended Food and Beverage Distributors and Wholesalers, Produce Distributors and Wholesalers:


1. McLane Company, Inc. – McLane is a highly successful $28 billion supply chain services company, providing grocery and foodservice supply chain solutions.
read more

2. Core-Mark – National full-line value-added supplier to the convenience retail industry. read more

3. Eby-Brown – Supplier of name-brand products, including tobacco, candy, snacks, health and beauty aids, and general merchandise, to convenience stores. Serve the midwestern and southeastern United States. read more

4. The H.T. Hackney Co. Wholesale grocery distributor based in Knoxville and serving 21 states in the eastern US . read more

5. Acosta-PMI – Sales force and distributor network for hire for the grocery, convenience and club store networks. read more

6. C & S Wholesale Grocers Inc.– Offering wholesale food distribution to bothgrocery chains as well as large independent stores throughout the United States. Headquartered in Brattleboro, Vermont. read more

7. GSC Enterprises, Inc. – Company is a full-line wholesale grocery distributor to the convenience store and supermarket industry. read more

8. S. Abraham & Sons – Regional wholesale food distributor serving 12 midwestern states, including grocers and convenience stores. The company distributes name-brand groceries, health and beauty aids, snacks, store supplies, and tobacco. read more

9. Certified Grocers – Retailer-owned grocery distributor in the Western United States. Formed as a result of the merger of Certified Grocers of California, Ltd. and United Grocers, Inc. read more

10. UW Grocerers – Retailer-owned grocery distributor in the Western United States. Formed as a result of the merger of Certified Grocers of California, Ltd. and United Grocers, Inc. read more

11. U.S. Foodservice – Large broadline foodservice distributor. Markets and distributes food and related products nationwide. Corporate offices located in Columbia, Maryland. read more

Produce Wholesalers:

12. United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association – The national trade organization representing the interests of producers and distributors of commercial quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables. read more

13. International Fresh-cut Produce Association – Association of fresh produce processors. read more

14. B.T. Produce – Produce wholesaler. Company profile, product listing, news, contact form, and related links. read more

15. F&S Produce – Supplier of fresh produce serving the northeast US region with a fleet of refrigerated delivery trucks. Company profile and contact details, facility tour, and product information. read more

16. James Desiderio Wholesale Fruit and Produce – Provider to supermarkets and foodservice establishments. Company history, manufacturing and distribution facility information, products, and contact directory. read more

17. ProduceBroker.com – U.S. based produce broker. Company profile and contact forms. read more

Retail Grocery Store Owners: If you would like to expand your business, we would like to recommend you offering a distribution service to regional retailers like yourself.A� The staff at Mr. Checkout can come to your city and assist you in buying in bulk and finding retail store locations for you to service. Every store within a 30 minute drive could be buying from you wholesale. Call Bob at 561-367-0076 or Dirk 209-574-0440 and we will go over how your store can become a distribution cash and carry.

Cash and carry is a form of trade in which goods are sold from a wholesale warehouse operated either on a self-service basis, or on the basis of samples (with the customer selecting from specimen articles using a manual or computerized ordering system but not serving himself) or a combination of the two. Customers (retailers, professional users, caterers, institutional buyers, etc.) settle the invoice on the spot and in cash, and carry the goods away themselves.

FYI: According to Chain Store Guide data, the largest grocery distribution networks in the United States fall into two categories:

Self-distributing retailers – Major retail chains that distribute to their own stores. Chain Store Guide data indicates that the Top 10 self-distributing retail chains, led by Wal-Mart, own and supply over 60% of the retail supermarkets in the US and Canada. The vertical integration of these operations creates efficiencies in the supply chain, resulting in lower retail costs.

Wholesale distributors – Companies that provide distributior between the manufacturer and smaller retail chains and independents. To enable their retail customers to compete effectively with self-distributing chains, the top wholesale companies are building larger distribution networks to gain the economies of scale realized by the top retail chains.