Top Food Retailers and Wholesalers

This list of major retailers is organized based by yearly sales volume. Retail is often an act of window shopping and selecting a few products, however these retailers have taken huge steps forward with store organization, shelf spacing and product placement. They have a shopper’s time in the store down to a science. Often shoppers come in for an item or two yet leave with 10… This is intentional with strategically placed promotions that are to good to pass up as well as items that are often needed yet seldom remembered placed within eye’s view while walking the store.

Retailing includes other services such as delivery. The term retailer is meant to reflect a service provider that meets the needs of many individuals “also known as the public”. Whether a retail shop is located in a shopping plaza, mall or standing alone, the parking lots to these mega stores are often jam packed at all times of the day. With their strategic use of brand messaging, advertising and targeted marketing who can blame the everyday consumer for being swept up with seeking a good deal.

Just as Kmart invented the blue light special, Amazon revolutionized the concept of online retail by producing the one click purchase. Taking the thought out of spending has been the golden ticket to both today’s big box stores and large .com retailers. They employ a bevy of psychology experts to find out where you go, why you go there and how they can get you to come back more often. These patterns are all generated to produce revenue for the retail giants and through their dominance of the market they are able to flex their size in order to cut back prices saving the buyer a few more dollars at the end of the day.

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