FoneFuel Portable Chargers

In the modern world where we use our phones for everything, a dead battery can be frustrating, dangerous, or professionally unacceptable. After suffering from this problem one too many times, the founders of FoneFuel decided to take action. In October 2014, they began FoneFuel LLC in Spartanburg, South Carolina with the simple goal of providing a high-quality solution to the ubiquitous problem of fast-draining cell-phone batteries.

FoneFuel offers three models: the “FoneFuel Original,” the solar model “FoneFuel Green,” and the larger “FoneFuel Diesel.” FoneFuel products are perfect for traveling, camping, sporting events, or long days on the go. In addition to charging cell phones on the go, they also will charge tablets, e-readers and anything that charges via USB. With FoneFuel, customers can “take charge” of their day and say goodbye to anxiety over battery life. FoneFuel is also dedicated to giving back, and has made a corporate commitment to donate 10% of all profits.

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Derrick Smith
FoneFuel LLC
[email protected]