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Convenience Store Numbers Reach Record High

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Florida’s C-Store Numbers Reach Record High

Florida doesn’t quite have a convenience store on every corner, but we’re getting there.

The state has grown from 9,348 convenience stores in 2011 to a record 9,910 in 2015, according to the Florida Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association, a division of the Florida Retail Federation.

“The convenience store industry in Florida continues to see incredible growth,” the association’s director, Ned Bowman, said in a statement last week.

More than a third of all stores in the country are convenience stores, according to the 2016 National Association of Convenience Stores/ Nielsen Convenience Industry Store Count. Eighty percent of the nation’s 154,195 convenience stores sell gasoline, the report found.

The U.S. convenience store industry posted $698 billion in total sales in 2014, $483 billion of it from fuel sales, the national association said. South Florida is poised for more convenience stores over the next few years. Pennsylvania-based Wawa last year announced plans to open 120 or more of its stores in the region between 2017 and 2022. Wawa has built a following for its coffee, hoagies, clean stores and gas.

The state’s first Wawa opened in Orlando in 2012, and the company has added nearly 80 more since then. South Floridians curious about Wawa have to drive about two hours west to the closest store in Fort Myers.

RaceTrac, based in Atlanta, has about 16 stores m South Florida and has said it plans to open five more m the region per year through 2019. It has more than 160 stores across the state. Dallas-based 7-Eleven has about 121 stores in South Florida.

Cumberland Farms, headquartered in Massachusetts, also has been expanding in the region. Its most recent local store opened this month in Deerfield Beach.

Published 2/7/16 Sun Sentinal by Miriam Valverde

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