FIELD TRIP Jerky – Beef Jerky and Turkey Jerky

  • All Natural
  • Gluten Free
  • Authentic Tasty Jerky
  • Great Packaging

Original No. 3 (Beef)….a trusted standby that is perfect for any occasion. Our Original No. 3 is what we are all about – bringing together a culmination of brown sugar, black pepper and hickory smoke.

Honey Spice No. 11 (Beef)….our signature product will definitely get your taste buds rocking, it’s honey sweet start is in perfect harmony with its aged cayenne pepper finish. Our lean cuts marinate for hours in a smoky, yet spicy, cayenne pepper and garlic honey marinade.

Teriyaki No. 23 (Beef)…a marriage of ginger soy sauce, asian garlic and onion. Top round beef coupled with brown sugar, honey and a pineapple marinade make for an unforgettable taste!

Roasted Sesame No. 15 (Beef)… a teriyaki base, then marinated in a sesame oil. We finish the jerky with a light coat of roasted sesame seeds.Our roasted sesame seeds and sesame oil marinade provide a pleasant twist to your conventional jerky.

Cracked Pepper No. 7 (Turkey)… our classic cracked pepper turkey jerky has a marinade of black pepper, brown sugar and apple! It is the perfect balance of tender, while maintaining an authentic jerky tear.

Crushed Chilies No. 19 (Turkey)… has a smoky start that is followed by a spicy crushed pepper finish. We think this is the perfect afternoon snack that packs a punch with every bite!

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