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FedEx Ground Pickup Delivery Route

FedEx Home Delivery – Independent Contractor For FedEx Ground Pickup & Delivery Route Business

Description: Join other small business owners and start/grow your own package delivery business with the power of the FedEx brand behind you. As a FedEx Ground independent service provider, your business could contract to service a geographic area with an established customer base. Your business must have the ability to own or lease the minimum amount of suitable vehicles necessary to service its routes.

Requirements: FedEx Ground will contract only with entities that are established under state law as corporations, are registered and in “good standing” with the state(s) in which they do business, and ensure all personnel providing services are treated as employees.

FedEx Ground – 5 days/week (off weekends); applicants must have commercial driving experience (No CDL required) and clean drivers license.

Business Summary – Pick-up and Delivery Route with Fedex Ground. Well established route Must be willing to take a drug test and background check. Also must be able to meet all Fedex Ground requirement, i.e. DOT safe driving course. No CDL required.

Blog Post: FEDEX GROUND ROUTE – “The poster is referring to FedEx Ground where you DO need to buy your trucks and you do pay for EVERYTHING BUT if youre making less than $70,000 per year as a FedEx ground contractor, youre slackin’. Infact, at FedEx ground you

can buy 2 trucks, 3 trucks and more. Pay someone 500-600 per week to drive and deliver those routes and you could end up make well into the 6 digits. I knew a family that worked at the Vegas terminal and they had husband, wife, son and a few other drivers. Get good enough and you can just manage your own fleet of trucks. The work is great because you are in charge. Youre the boss. Manage your route properly and youre the only “Managment” that you will ever have to answer to. Your route is also yours. You own it. When I left the company to go to college, I sold my route for $20,000. Some routes go for $80,000 and more. The only downside to the job in my opinion was, the more you work the more you make, so the more I worked and my route got bloated. I’d max out my DOT times every day (5days a week). 8-5 working with computers now and I love it, but i do miss those $1600 a week checks.”

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