Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Company Overview

Nature’s Organics is the product of our love for pure, delicious, and health-giving foods.

Our search for the best the market has to offer led to founding a line of organic products of the freshest and highest quality, products that our friends, families, and customers can depend on.

Starting with organic essential oils, we sourced the purest, certified organic products available in the world, sustainably grown by local farmers who emphasize traditional methods and the use of renewable resources and conservation.

Nature’s Organics produces only USDA and EU certified organic products. This ensures that we only bring superior quality oils for our families and yours. Our farms and processing are also verified by the Control Union Certifications of the Netherlands, again, this ensures that our products and processes meets or exceeds all organic certifications.

Our goal is to keep to the traditional methods of processing, to use innovations only when it will improve or maintain the quality of our products.

Nature’s Organics cares about our impact on the environment. In keeping with the balanced, nourished lifestyle that we aspire to, we are working to contribute to a more sustainable and healthy food system by packaging our products in reusable glass jars and bottles. Although this is the most environmentally friendly packaging option, we do offer, recyclable plastic packaging for worldwide shipping upon special request.

For hundreds of recipes, health benefits, and uses of our essential oils visit us on the web at www.naturesorganicsstore.com or look for us in independent groceries stores throughout the U.S.

Product Description

Nature’s Organics 100% Raw Organic (COLD PRESSED) Extra Virgin Coconut Oil New 532.3 ML (18 oz) glass jar.

We manufacture & process our virgin coconut oil in Sri Lanka. Raw virgin cold pressed coconut oil is a superior product & is not to be mistaken for “Copra” coconut oil, which is processed out of dried coconut kernels in commercial quantities, undergoing a bleaching process & some chemical applications. As a certified organic processor we make very few changes to improve production capacity while being extremely careful not to degrade the quality of the oil. Our OVCO processing begins w/collection of well matured healthy coconuts from fields totally free of any chemical treatments or Genetically Modified (GMO) palm trees. These fields are carefully monitored & supervised by international renowned inspectors of The Control Union Inspection of The Netherlands, Sri Lanka division.

The stocks of nuts are manually husked in a clean environment & transported to our processing plant where they are stored in a separate clean enclosure, from where they are drawn for cracking & shredding. They are drained of the water which is a by product also used by natural energy drink manufacturers. The shredded kernels are then dried in driers heated w/agricultural waste materials as fuel such as paddy husk, wood shavings, etc. No fossil fuels are used to heat these driers. The de-hydrated shredded pulp is then expeller-pressed by carefully maintaining the processing temperature to maintain a temperature of well below 104°F through the operation period. This ensures it is cold pressed & all properties of VCO are retained within. Our next step is passing the oil through gravity filtration & storing it in a strictly hygienically designed storage facility, ready for individual packing or bulk supply in food grade drums. *The coconut oil is unrefined. Since it is more natural it will not have the same coconut flavor & scent to which some consumers are accustomed.

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