Entyva is in the business of impulse toy products specialized for mass consumption retailers, discount stores, supermarkets and other major retailers. Our products have an added value by incorporating moral value messages into our products.

This line is an excellent opportunity to show and sell products that are socially responsible, a concept that extends worldwide.

The brand was born form the union of two words: ENT from entertainment and VA from values. We offer a different alternative entertainment with our products because consumers not only have fun but also are enriched with values in a creative way.

What set us apart from other businesses that incorporate educational messages in their brands and products is our fundamental objective as a corporation to transmit universal values that carry messages about how to improve relationships among people, families, environments, and society as a whole.

Through attractive and interactive channels, such as lenticular cards with 24 stories that are collectible and can be found within each toy and registered at Yenuka’s Club on our website.

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Entyva (USA)
1674 NE 205 Ter, Miami
Fl 33179, United States
Teléfono: +1 (305) 654-7770
Fax: +1 (305) 654-1478
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