Engraved Expressions

Packaging Specifications
– Rotating countertop stand – 23 inches tall, 9 ¼ inches deep, 10 ¾ inches wide (front)
– Packaging – 10 X 5 inches
– 250 engraved signs fit on each stand (8 variations)

– Price for you – $4.50
– Retail price – $9.98

Why put my product in your stores?
– Full buy back if product doesn’t sell
– Free stand to place in each store
– Beautiful product & stand (adds to the beauty and quality feel of the store)
– Stand fits 250 therefore you don’t have to restock the product very often
– Been selling 1000-2000/week online for the past couple years!

Fit in store
– This is one of those products that stops people in their tracks so they can read through all the different fun phrases. Many see a phrase that they absolutely love and MUST have it – an impulse buy at its finest.
– The packaging on this product (especially the countertop display) is absolutely beautiful! Instead of cheap sunglasses on the countertop this helps give your store a feel of quality.
– The signs themselves can be tailored to fit ANY audience. Would you like a homey feel to your store? Maybe sarcastic/funny? Inspirational/Motivational? Scriptural or religious? I can engrave on many different colors as well as in many different fonts to help match the theme of your store. And don’t worry, I wouldn’t expect you to come up with those sayings! Tell me what you are looking for and I will give you some great signs in that area.

Why work with my company?
– I’ve been laser engraving for over 10 years, I understand the industry and what people want.
– We are very focused on quality and ship very quickly. We have built a reputation online for shipping out orders the day after they are placed. Working with us you can expect to place an order and receive it days later. Your first order may take 2-3 weeks as we will need to order packaging and stands after you order, but in the future, if we can expect how much you will order and how often, we will make it in advance and ship it out when you order.

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

William Heinrich
Heinrich Engraving
2032 E 40 N
St. George, UT 84790
Phone 435-313-1165
Website http://www.heinrichengraving.com
Email [email protected]