EnergIce® is cool and clean energy


We at EnergIce® believe that our customers know a good thing when they find it, and they will continue to choose EnergIce® once they try it. That has been the secret behind EnergIce’s® overwhelming success. We also know that a company is much more than just its name, its products, or a cool website. We know providing efficient energy to athletes allows us to save thousands of bottles from being strewn in fields all over this land. At EnergIce®, we take extra steps to be good to not only our athletes, but also our community and our environment.

We took the time to innovate, listen, change and redefine EnergIce®, and would not rest until it was not only the perfect taste, but also the perfect size.

EnergIce® is cool and clean energy for athletes everywhere and for the parents just like us cheering them on!

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Glenn Firestone
Rockville Centre, New York
Phone: (516) 768-2711
Website: http://www.energice.com
Email: [email protected]