McDonald Vapor Co. Premium E-Liquid

About Elixir#4 – The latest installment in the McDonald & Company family of products, McDonald Vapor Co. inhabits the space where science and technology intersect.  Elixir #4 utilizes only the highest-quality US-sourced ingredients, providing a product engineered specifically to compel the consumer in a manner foreign to the current market.  Our signature skull bottle serves to distinguish from ordinary products, immediately registering with the targeted audience as desirable.  Elixir’s flavor profile, a fair-style strawberry lemonade, adds to the allure, evoking a profound sense of refreshing familiarity.  Intended to revolutionize the public’s perception of chain store e-liquid, this product undoubtedly provides a unique amenity to convenience stores, smoke shops, and the like.

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Cole McDonald
McDonald Vapor Co.
50936 Hwy C
Center, Missouri 63436
Phone 573-248-6829
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