Elementiumlighter by Elementiumlighter.com LLC


The Elementium Lighter is the lighter of choice! Be green, light whatever you need, and save some green as you use and use it week after week; simply plugging the Elementium Lighter into a USB port whenever needing a fresh charge (after 100 uses).

Not only that but there is no toxic fluids or chemicals which equals a cleaner hit and a longer life. Also, since you will no longer be throwing dozens upon dozens of disposable lighters in the trash you will be helping the planet out! Add our Boost battery and be able to charge your Elementium Lighter on the go 10X.

#1 USB rechargeable- Since our lighters can be recharged up to 500 times you are going to save yourself alot of cash (1 Elementiumlighter = 50 disposable lighters).

#2 No fluids- Eco-friendly, TSA approved so you can bring your Elementiumlighter onto a plan, and taste better (no gas or harsh chemicals getting into your items) never buy lighter fluid, wick, or flint again. Help reduce the 1.9 billion disposable lighters trashed each year.

#3: Windproof-light it whenever,wherever (never worry about not being able to light your item again!#4: Lights with a coil-No flame (no more worries about accidental fire or burning off that beard of yours).

Contact Information

Matthew Stoll
[email protected]