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Mr. Checkout Distributors is a network of independent distributors who service convenience stores, tobacco shops, vape shops and independent grocers. Vaping has become a major trend that is here to stay. Beyond a fad, vape shops can be seen in every city around the world. If you have a vape oil, vaporizer or other vaping product compete the product submit form to setup an appointment with us today.

Finding E-Liquid Distribution 

Vape DistributionCompanies may have trouble gaining e-liquid distribution for their products because of the huge number of competitors on the market. However, as the popularity of these products increase, more and more outlets are beginning to shelve e-liquids, from mall kiosks to specialty vape shops.

With this market becoming increasingly popular, it’s vital to grow your e-liquid distribution as soon as possible. Start by knowing the market. E-liquids can be produced in a number of different flavors, whether that be a smokier taste to appeal to tobacco users, or a sugary taste to cater to sweet tooth smokers. Look at your products’ current sales and identify the best-sellers. When approaching potential retailers, bring these best-sellers along so you can throw impressive sales figures into the pitch presentation. Try to research the typical consumer of each store you identify so you can predict which flavors would be of most interest to this group. Go into pitch meetings with this knowledge to show that you’ve put in the time and effort to make a great impression.

Another way to gain e-liquid distribution is to stay up to date with the industry by reading trade publications such as the Vapor Digest or Vape News Magazine. This is the best place to find out about trade expos and other upcoming events that can help build brand awareness and gain distribution for your brand. Consider signing up for a space at one of these events, or for a sponsorship if your budget permits. Anything that will put your brand name in front of important people in the industry is vital to gain e-liquid distribution. Depending on the size of your budget, place an advertisement in one of these trade magazines will allow you to directly reach retail buyers with impactful marketing. Be sure to scan these trade publications for feature articles on successful e-liquid brands and try to use their business tips to benefit your own brand in the future.

Increasing your e-liquid distribution can be a huge undertaking for one person, so it’s always best to reach out to the experts for some guidance and assistance. Contact the experienced distributors at Mr. Checkout Distributors for instant access to a team of over 1,000 distributors who service over 35,000 stores across the nation. The majority of retailers prefer to work with distributors because these professionals are trained to understand the market and each individual retailer’s needs.

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