Whether you’re preparing for an approaching storm or changing the channel with your remote, it’s important to have power you can trust. Duracell batteries with Duralock Power Preserve™ Technology are guaranteed to stay powered for 10 years in storage.

The Duralock guarantee gives you the comfort of knowing that the Duracell batteries sitting in your drawer will still work when they are needed most.

Look for packaging featuring the Duralock ring and a “good until” date on the entire portfolio of Duracell batteries including Duracell QuantumDuracell CopperTopDuracell RechargeableDuracell Hearing Aid, and Duracell Button Battery. Duracell with Duralock products are available in stores nationwide.

For Information on Duracell contact:   http://www.duracell.com/en-us/contact-us