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About Us:

Dr.Marcus International for more than 10 years has specialized in manufacturing of car fresheners. Thanks to a long-term experience as well as high quality of offered products, Dr.Marcus has been one of the leaders in car fresheners market in Poland.

All Dr. Marcus Products are made in Europe from European components.  We use real French perfumes giving our air fresheners long lasting staying power.  Dr. Marcus air fresheners are exported to 50 countries all over the world.



Golden & Silver gel

Air freshener in the shape of a round and transparent hanger.





Car Vent Gel

A version of exceptionally popular gel car air freshener mounted on the ventilation grid




Car Gel

Incredibly slender and light air freshener with a round shape ended up with a cord






Sonic Cellulose hanger with a sophisticated shape is available in multiple fragrances and colours




van speaker


Speaker A product that will appeal to taste of all drivers who prefer elegance and simple, minimalist additions





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Contact: Lucas Fenik
Director of Operations North America
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://www.dr-marcus.com


About Dr. Marcus International

Dr.Marcus International offer includes over 100 different products, thanks to which, each user can choose a car freshener with a suitable shape and scent. The company’s car freshener’s offer includes Senso and Dr.Marcus product lines. The company is also manufacturer of Titanium car cosmetic line. All products are continuously being improved, and the purpose of new scents, packagings or changes of labels design is to meet the growing demand of the market and customers.

Dr.Marcus International car fresheners and cosmetics are manufactured in Poland, in a modern production facility located in Kalisz. The company employs over 100 employees. Products hold health quality certificate issued by the Public Health Inspectorate. Dr.Marus International car fresheners are available in the markets of over 40 countries of the whole world from Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Northern and Southern Americas a and Asia. The company uses Polish nation-wide distribution network – Dr.Marcus products can be found both in hyper and super markets, as well as in smaller, local retail units. They are also available at petrol stations.

Dr.Marcus International car fresheners, on many occasions, has won recognition of experts and customers, which has been confirmed by multiple awards. Consecutively, in 2009 and 2010, Dr.Marcus was awarded with the Customer’s Golden Laurel in the “Car fresheners category”. The company also received customers competition products quality certificate – “Dobre bo polskie” (Good because Polish!) and an award granted by a magazine – “Stacja Benzynowa” in the “Car cosmetics and accessories” category. Dr. Marcus is a winner of the 10th edition of a regional competition – Employer – organizer of safe work”. For many years, the company has presented its products during the most important fair events both in Poland as well as abroad.

Contact: Lucas Fenik
Director of Operations North America
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://www.dr-marcus.com