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Dollar Store Wholesale Distributors

Dollar-Store chains such as Dollar General and Family Dollar have found that cigarette smokers are their biggest customers. According to the November 5, 2014 Bloomberg article titled, “Dollar-Store Chains Find Smokers Are Some of Their Best Shoppers,” one quarter of Family Dollar’s customers smoke, and 35 percent are among their most frequent shoppers. Family Dollar spokesperson, Bryn Winburn, stated that the company chose to carry tobacco products in Family Dollar chains, to respond favorably to the requests of their consumers. The demand for cigarettes and tobacco products at affordable locations, will ensure wholesale distribution of these products is on the rise.

The Dollar-Store chains, Dollar General and Family Dollar, are the two largest dollar-stores in the United States. The affordability of common household brands and products, are part of the reason behind the success of the dollar-store business. Consumers expect to find the best deals on cleaning products, snacks, canned-foods, toiletries and craft supplies in the dollar-store. Wholesale distributors are in high-demand in this niche market because the targeted consumers for the dollar-store, are always looking for the best deal for their dollar.

It is not uncommon for the wealthiest consumers to seek out the dollar-store for their needs as well. According to research marketing company, Kantar, Dollar General revealed that their fastest growing customer demographic is among those who earn more than $70,000 annually. This is due to changes made by Family Dollar to appease brand-conscious shoppers through upgraded merchandise. For example, Family Dollar launched a line called Family Chef, which includes kitchen and household products as an effort to streamline inventory. Dollar-Stores have also grown to rival drug and grocery-stores, in health and beauty care products, at lower prices. The strategies taken by dollar-stores to be the preferred choice among consumers, requires the supply of wholesale distributors to keep the products in stock and prices competitive.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!