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How To Distribute THC Product to Head Shops

Mr. Checkout is a national association of independent wagon-jobbers and full-line distributors. We legally distribute recreational THC edibles to marijuana dispensaries, head shops and marijuana clubs. If you have a THC product, we want to hear from you!

How Do I Distribute My THC Product to Head Shops

If you have a green thumb for business, the wide world of THC products just may be the business for you. According to Forbes Magazine, the developing legal marijuana business is one to watch. Forbes writes, “Marijuana is now legal for medical use in just 23 of the 50 states, and will soon be legal for recreational use in four — Alaska’s law goes into effect later this month, Oregon’s in July, and in Washington and Colorado, it’s already legal. Alaska’s addition to the legal-pot state roster has some wags dubbing the legal-pot opportunity the ‘Green Rush.’”

This rapidly expanding business has left a lot of entrepreneurs wondering, “How do I distribute my THC product to head shops?” Head shops provide a hot retail outlet for all sorts of THC products. Before marijuana legalization, one could find water pipes, bongs, unique glass pipes, rolling papers, flavored wraps, cigarettes, and lighters along the racks and display cases of local head shops. Now that hemp products and recreational marijuana usage is becoming legalized state by state, THC products aren’t limited to the niche market of medical marijuana dispensaries. THC products, such as THC snacks and candies, edibles and THC infused products have found a whole new world, and a whole new market. Entrepreneurs across the nation are creating new THC products. If you’re one of those entrepreneurs and you want to know how to distribute your THC product to head shops, look no further.

One way you can distribute your product to head shops is to make the good old fashioned sales call. To make this call, you’ll need to find the contact information for the head shops’ buyers and set up a meeting to present your THC product. It’s vital to be absolutely prepared when you make this call. Know who you’re talking to and how your product would both fit into and benefit their store. When it comes time to present, have a thoroughly prepared presentation.

Another way to distribute your THC product to a head shop is by selling wholesale. A specialty product wholesaler may be more willing and eager to carry your THC product, and this wholesaler will have relationships with various head shops and retailers in the recreational marijuana industry. They can get your product where it needs to be, as these wholesalers know how to distribute and sell products to the right stores and consumers. Once a head shop becomes comfortable buying your product from a wholesaler and your product has a proven track record of success, you can sell directly to the retailer.

Browse the internet, using websites such as Head Shop Finder to find local head shops listings, read head shop reviews and view head shop ratings. The internet is a great way to find industry resources and points of contact. Browse smoke related and marijuana related trade magazines and search the ads to see who distributes what products. Then contact these distributors to dins a distributor for your THC product.

Another great way to find someone to distribute your THC product to head shops is to join Mr. Checkout. When you join a service like Mr. Checkout Distributors, you’re instantly put into contract with a huge network of over 1,000 independent distributors and retailers. These distributors know how to get your rolling papers, pipes, vaporizers, incense, bowls, bongs and novelty items into great head shops with large client bases and lots of foot traffic.

Do you have a THC product, we want to hear from you!