Energy Drink

How to Distribute a New Energy Product?

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You have a energy drink, how do you distribute it?

The energy drink market can be difficult to break into, even with a great tasting, quality product that has a beautifully designed package. This is a competitive market that is somewhat oversaturated with well-known brands that have high levels of customer loyalty and brand recognition, as well with new energy products. The competitive nature of the energy product industry means you need to have a rock-solid strategy. Here is some advice on how to distribute a new energy product:

You can distribute your new energy product via retail outlets owned by an independent merchant or a chain. In this case, your energy product would be sold in convenience stores and grocery stores. You can pick up the phone and call these retailers to get your new energy product on the shelves, or you can hire someone to represent you and your interests.

Another option is to distribute your energy product via wholesalers or the wholesale outlets of independent distributors. In general, these wholesalers can better get your product onto the shelves of the hard-to-reach retailers, who initially may be wary of carrying a new energy product.

Many inventors and entrepreneurs choose to take advantage of the vast distribution network a service like Mr. Checkout offers. Here you’ll find over 1,000 distributors that have vast industry knowledge and expertise. They know how to distribute a new energy product, and they know the competition. They know where the market is saturated and where there is a receptive audience for your product. You’ll have instant access to a vast distribution network made up of over 1,000 distributors, which means you can find the best distributor to carry and sell your new energy product.

To select the most favorable distribution options for your new energy product, it’s important to:

  1. Look at the distribution strategy of your competition. Identify how your direct competitors’ products are sold. You can learn a lot by studying the patterns and habits of the major players in the beverage distribution industry, more specifically, those distributing the energy products that will be your new product’s competition.
  2. Examine the costs of the potential channel and sales force options.
  3. Determine which distribution options will best match your overall marketing strategy, then grab the consumer’s attention with promotions and marketing efforts.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!