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Diet Supplement / Supplement / Protein Wholesale Distributors

The demand for wholesale distribution of diet supplements, and specifically protein shakes, is on the rise, as the desire to be healthy continues to be a common push in the media.

Both traditional and alternative medical professionals have encouraged a surge in the market for diet supplementation to suffice a deficient diet, or to serve as a compliment to a good diet regimen. Protein supplement shakes come in the form of dairy, vegetarian and vegan-based varieties. Some are even marketed as gluten, lactose, or fat-free. Many athletes take protein supplement shakes with the mindset that their muscles will recover quicker, or better after rigorous training. Other people take protein supplements as meal replacements, or in accordance with a specific protein diet to shed body fat. This growing trend will keep wholesale distributors in demand for protein supplements and other diet supplementation products.

Colleges and universities have coined the term “integrative” medicine, which is the use of both traditional and alternative health practices to treat a patient. It is fair to state that the television host and medical doctor, Dr. Oz, is a proponent of the integrative medicine approach to treating people’s diet concerns and health related issues, as he regularly features different herbs, spices, foods, and drinks that can be incorporated everyday as natural supplements to the American diet.

The past decade has seen an eruption of profit from the alternative medicine industry. Alternative diet supplements are often prescribed by homeopathic, chiropractic, and acupuncturist with natural medical doctorate degrees, and extensive training. More, and more people seeking a natural approach to healing their ailments, are flocking to natural health practitioners, and are receiving excellent results. The growing trend will continue to impact the growth of natural diet supplementation and enable whole distributors to thrive in the diet supplementation industry.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!