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Convenience Store Sales Call – Passion Matters

Convenience Store Sales Call – Passion Matters

By M. R. Jones

Having worked with salespeople for about 20 years, as a buyer, salesperson and now leading sales-people, there’s one requirement above all others regarding being successful at selling — passion. Now, that’s not breaking news. However, there are a few techniques which you can employ to both endear yourself to your customer and make the sale.

I’m sure at one time or another you’ve been in the presence of a salesperson presenting their latest and greatest products by handing a sell sheet to the customer and saying something un-inspired like “Here’s what we have new this week.”

That approach is not likely going to get you anywhere. After all, what makes these products so different from the 10 new things they’ve already been offered this week? The keys to remember when making the sale are:

a) Be prepared for objections. Make sure you’ve taken the time, before you enter the customer’s store, to think of all possible objections the customer may bring up regarding your product(s). Once your list is complete, come up with ammunition to rebut the objection. Stunting the customers objection momentum goes a long way toward being successful.

b) Be excited about the product you’re offering. Talk to your customer with a sincere enthusiasm — they’ll know when your forcing excitement. After all, you’re providing a great opportunity to the retailer — have confidence they’ll be happy with it.

c) Provide a testimonial. “This product is selling great at XYZ Party Store” or “We’re getting re-orders of this items everywhere”.

d) Give the retailer the assurance you’ll take care of whatever issues they may have with the product — such as a guarantee. You don’t have to guarantee the sales of the product. However, if you are in a position to guarantee the product, you’ve fought off the biggest opposition of all.

How can you go wrong when you’re showing the customer how excited and fortunate you are to be involved with such a great product — and how lucky they are to also be included. Not to mention, they can rely on you to resolve any problems which might pop up.

Good Selling!

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