Drip Cup and Single Sleeve


Coffee Blenders® offers the first line of high quality, functional coffee. Each sip stimulates your senses while delivering a range of health-giving benefits to improve mind and body. By cultivating the world’s choicest 100% Arabica beans and working with experienced sommeliers – experts with a deep understanding of coffee origins, flavors and compositions – we’re able to handcraft unique blends that appeal to casual coffee drinkers as well as more discerning palettes. Our coffee line features our certified organic NUDE Cup, a dark roast coffee with no additives alongside four unique functional blends. Our LEAN Cup has green coffee bean extract that is used to promote weight loss. Our THINK Cup with American ginseng improves cognitive performance including increased concentration and productivity. Our RELAX Cup with L-Theanine provides calming effects and reduces stress and anxiety. Lastly, our ACTIVE Cup with Alpha-GPC offers a natural workout boost by improving muscle power and sharpening agility. Located in north San Diego, Coffee Blenders remains committed to using only natural, clinically supported ingredients. Our hope is that with every sip, you’ll taste the meticulous care and attention that goes into every cup. IT’S COFFEE REIMAGINED.™

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