Coast to Coast National Distribution

Are you seeking distribution for your product?

Have your product delivered and displayed at or near the checkout counter of groceries & convenience stores nationwide by our network of Mr. Checkout direct-store-delivery distributors. You provide product displays and point of sale items for our distributors to display in their stores. With coast-to-coast distribution of over 25,000 stores you have the choice of what zones, cities or states where you would like your product featured.

After your product has been distributed, you receive complete store info and a digital pic of your product in-store in an Excel file database per retail store location. These pics are an excellent addition to your website’s photo gallery. The Blitz not only include a digital photo gallery you will receive a data base of the stores where your product displays are placed. Having national distribution with a slide show of happy store owners can be a valuable tool for presenting your product to wholesalers, distributors and investors.

Since 1989 Mr Checkout has been:

  • Providing coast to coast distribution
  • Servicing over 25,000 stores nationwide
  • Cultivating a network of over 1,000 distributors

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