Welcome to the Clearette Experience, the new improved electronic vapor alternative to cigarettes.  Sensational flavors and award winning product line.

Clearly Clearette, LLC
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About Us

Why Become a Clearette Retailer?
It’s simple. Success at the retail level determines success at the corporate level. Our entire organization is dedicated and determined to to continue our industry prominence and growth through our retail partners. From our award winning products, to our local responsive and readily available Independent Distributors, every element of the Clearette team is focused on providing highly profitable products and high quality marketing and POS materials to each retail establishment. Backed by co-branded local and national radio and TV advertising, we ensure that the Clearette product line is the one your customers will ask for and trust.

Our Marketing

The success our retailers is our paramount objective. From high quality marketing and POS materials to all forms of media advertising and public awareness campaigns, our marketing teams’ focus is ground level support to our retailers through our dedicated local independent distributors. We recognize that continued growth and success with the Clearette product lines depends upon the retailer’s success, growth and profitability. We will do whatever it takes.

The Brand

Central to the successful branding and superlative growth and awareness of the Clearette product lines has been leading the industry in taste and performance. We at Clearette know that our superior high end products and continued product innovation and development will maintain Clearette’s position as The Industry Standard. While customer loyalty and retailer confidence are reliable by-products of manufacturing and properly marketing any premium product, our marketing groups focus is the continued growth of Clearette as The Premium Brand in electronic cigarettes, cigars and flavored hookahs and fluids through radio and TV advertising at the local and national levels for, and in conjunction with, our retail partners.

Clearly Clearette, LLC
Contact: Anna Hill  540-368-5276
[email protected]