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Cigirex – Now in over 22,000 retail store locations!


CEO and Founder of CIGIREX, Jason Cardiff featured with the New face of Cigirex: Jacob Busch of the Anheuser-Busch family, and Adrienne Maloof of VH1s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


1. CIGIREX is the FIRST electronic cigarette company to replace the controversial ingredient Propylene Glycol with the completely food safe ingredient Vegetable Glycerin. At Cigirex we put safety first in everything we do.

2. CIGIREX uses vegetable glycerin to create the vapor that resembles smoke, instead of the controversial other fillers.

3. Unlike other electronic cigarettes in the marketplace, CIGIREX does not offer flavored products that may appeal to minors. CIGIREX products are solely for the use of existing smokers 18 years and older.

4. As of October 1st 2013 CIGIREX is sold in over 22,000 retail locations in the United States.

Cigirex is excited to introduce its newest addition to the CIGIREX product line:

cigpic3Fruit Punch E-Hookah.

The Cigirex E-hookah is the first of its kind made with real shisha.

With the Cigirex E-Hookah experience e-cigarette convenience and .8% nicotine with the same fruit-punch sensation as traditional hookah pipes!

Offered in Fruit Punch flavor
Safe Ingredients:
No set-up required
approx. 400 puffs



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