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The Future Impact of Nootropics

Intelligence is the greatest gift God has given to humanity. In appropriate terms, it is the only illusion that creates a distinction between man and animals. The evolution, since we now it is constantly in work upon us, however, for the preceding 50,000 years the individuality of the human brain has not been altered. This is a proof that our ancestors from the distant past were as intelligent as we are today – all of the progress in ancient civilizations was the remarkable show-off of the brilliance of human brain. Despite having the same organism inside, the only thing separates us from the past is today’s achievement of technology and the possibilities it has given us to avail benefits from its usage.

It is fundamental for a human to create possibilities and such methods by which we can further develop and augment the capabilities of our minds. To tackle this field, medical scientists are now counting on the cognitive enhancements as the vital ingredient to carry on this process. You can imagine yourself of such increments, for example, a 50% boost in all of the worldwide populations brain activity can result in a radical changes of the course towards progress in science, education, self-improvements, politics and many other important fields of concern. The myth that we only use 10% of our brains remains a myth, however, that is an understood fact that we are nowhere even near to the complete use of our mental capabilities. Nevertheless, in the 21st century, medical science has enabled us to not only attain the maximum benefits of our health and cerebral competence but to also increase the biological limitations of our brain.

The most promising and diverse range of today’s “smart drugs” are known as Nootropics. The word nootropics is used to classify those substances that perks up the mental functionalities and are wholly non-toxic and neuroprotective. In order for a drug to be classified as nootropic, it has to present almost zero side effects. The first original nootropic was synthesized in 1964 and is called Piracetam. Scientists were very sharp to become aware of the benefits Piracetam has produced on even the healthiest brains and its class of being a safe ingredient has remained constant throughout the last 40 years of its study.

Of course, there are other kinds of nootropics as well that are all seems to open various ways in an ever-increasing faculty of medical sciences, where scientists are saying continuously that nootropics will be on foe the key players in human societies in the coming 50 to 100 years. Scientists at various research laboratories across the globe are now turning their focus on the merits of these smart drugs and how in the best and possible ways nootropics can be used to unlock vastly uncharted capabilities of the brains that have never been explored before. As these studies, clinical tests and light is being shaded on the use of nootropics – the more way will pave for to increasing biological limits of intelligence in human minds.

February 13, 2014 by Brandon Innes