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Candles / Incense Wholesale Distributors

In 2008, a poll conducted by Harris Interactive, revealed that 25% of adults prefer to receive perfume, or cologne on Valentine’s Day. Sensual, sweet, musky, or fresh linen scents are also highly-coveted fragrances in the form of candles, incense, car fresheners, bathroom and home sprays, laundry and beauty products, and basic toiletries at wholesale distribution prices.

The local drugstore can be a very convenient place to pick-up last minute gifts with recognizable brand names and affordable prices. Candles in various colors tend to be inexpensive, and attractive gift bag fillers, along with incense, which pair very well together. Most drugstores like CVS and Walgreens, frequently run promotions, and sales that offer these kinds of popular items, as well as, designer colognes and perfumes, at discounted rates, or at BOGO specials. The colognes and perfumes tend to be sold in travel sizes in these locations, which are safe giveaways that many people would actually use, and appreciate as a gift.

The likelihood of finding candles, incense, perfumes, colognes, plus home, and car fragrances on sale, is very high because the demand for wholesale distribution of these kinds of products is constant. Drugstores and supermarkets put these items on sale because the turnover rate of these items is frequent, for the simple reason that people rely on candles and incense to help set the tone, mood, and vibe in rooms in their homes, or in their offices. Items like Febreeze, or Lysol sprays, are also very popular because customers love the way these products mask, or dissolve unpleasant smells with the convenience of one, or two sprays. People also appreciate that these products provide a “quick fix” and a temporary alternative to heavy duty cleaning when there is a desire for a clean and fresh illusion.

Candles, incense, and other forms of fragrances are very popular wholesale distribution items because they provide a calming effect on people’s senses that is usually very pleasing, and convenient in various circumstances lending to high consumer demand for wholesale distribution and prices.

Written by Tavia Record

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!