About Can Safe

Hide it in Plain Sight with our Can Safes.  From food containers, car/motorcycle cans, feminine and masculine products and all household cleaning supplies.  Now you can hide all your valuables in plain sight. Our products are licensed from the manufacturers and reworked into full functioning safes.  Books have lock and keys, and with all other products, the tops or bottoms screw off for hiding your treasures.

Where are you presently hiding your valuables?  In a drawer, closet or behind a book on the shelf.  Now you can put your assets anywhere, and be in sight but out of sight.  Put your money, jewels and important papers into one of our products and no one will know the better.  Your food can will be incognito on your shelf, or automotive product in your car or garage and with our built in safes you are protected.

Selling Benefits

Our products come straight from the manufacturers, and are all licensed, so they will fit right in your car or under the sink.  Reasonably priced, buy one for the car, one for home, and one for a friend.  Plastic inserts hold all your valuables safely from water and are never out of place.

Just try to find our rocks in your garden or who would guess that the burning candle on the table is hiding your riches!

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

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Southwest Specialty Products, LLC
16057 Sherman Way, #242
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Phone 818-745-7233
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