California Barware Co. – As our name suggests, we’re based in sunny California and our sole business is to innovate barware accessories that will create better tasting drinks, WOW your guests, and become an essential of your lifestyle.

Product Description:   Guzzle Buddy

The Guzzle Buddy is a glass for wine aficionados who don’t feel like pouring multiple glasses.

This novelty glass fits atop any wine bottle, aerating it as you drink it!

It holds over 16 ounces to the rim and is perfect for that person who doesn’t want to leave the couch.

Product Description:   Sveres

Slow down dilution of your cocktails. The easy to use tray makes 6 jumbo ice cubes that are the largest in its class, measuring 2.5″ in diameter. Sveres features built-in funnels for each cavity to allow easy filling and a water fill line so you make the perfect ice ball every time. Silicone rubber bottoms allow easy removal ice balls. No more twisting, banging, and running under water to get the ice ball out. The Sveres tray is stackable so you can make large batches and can store ice balls for when you need it.

Product Description:   Bloxx

Bloxx makes 12 jumbo ice cubes that not only look really cool but they also slow down the dilution of any beverage. The Never run out of giant ice cubes again.

Product Description:   The Original Whiskey Ball

The Original Whiskey Ball created the affordable ice ball maker category back in 2009 with over 5M units sold worldwide. The virtually indestructible tray makes 2.5 inch jumbo ice balls that slow down the dilution of any cocktail or beverage. Patented design makes it super easy to use.

Product Description:   Wine Saver

Wine Saver is a wine bottle stopper that allows you to remove all of the air out of an open wine bottle so that you can enjoy it at a later time.

Product Description:   Wine Pouches

Wine pouches store an entire bottle of wine using an included silicone collapsible funnel. Great for taking bottles of your favorite wine to the pool, beach, events, or concerts.

Product Description:   Tipsy Tubes – secret flasks

Now you can hide your favorite libation in plain sight using these cleverly covert flasks. Tipsy Tubes are flasks that hold a total of 24 ounces or 16 hots of your favorite boos.

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